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Arduino Wifi Joystick Controller

I wanted the option to control my Wifi remote-controlled car with a traditional joystick setup, so I made this.

Here you can see the controller in action, connected to the car via WiFi, to drive the car.
Here is a close-up of the finished controller, you can see it is connected to the WiFi network but not the car via the LEDs on the left.

Here is a link to the open-source code for the controller

This remote was built to drive this remote control car. The JSON structure of its commands was intentionally built to be generic, however, so it could be re-used to drive other remote-controlled vehicles without needing to modify/reprogram it.


  1. Arduino Wifi Rev 2
  2. Geekworm Uno R3 Case
  3. Joystick PS2 Module Sunfounder DC
  4. 4x LEDs
  5. 4x Actobotics plates
  6. SPDT switch
  7. Battery case