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  • Automated Delivery Crane

    divider Posted 5-27-23

    I lived a few stories up in my old Jones St apartment. I couldn’t buzz people in, and there was no functioning elevator. I loved to use apps like Instacart, Rinse, and Uber Eats to get deliveries, but I didn’t love making the trip down and up to receive those deliveries. This served as the […]

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  • Automation Calculator App

    divider Posted 3-30-23

    As someone who likes to automate things with software and hardware, I decided to create an open source web app with Ruby on Rails that will help me determine what ideas I have will save me the most time.

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  • Automated Water Dispenser

    divider Posted 2-9-23

    I built this to automatically refill my glass of water at my desk. It uses an HX 711 load cell connected to an Arduino to open/close a solenoid valve based on the weight of the glass of water. With no weight, it closes the valve. When the weight is between a minimum threshold and a […]

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Steven Uray – Software Developer

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I’m a software developer currently living in San Francisco, California. My best work can be found on this site, or my github. In the rare event I’m not at a computer, I can be found on a yoga mat, skydiving, or playing tennis.

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