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Offroad Bitcoin

Offroad Bitcoin was my submission for One Game A Month: February. The player controls an offroad vehicle and attempts to get it to the end of a race track that is procedurally generated from historical bitcoin price data. The focus on the game is a lighthearted exploration of the dataset. Playing the game at it’s website is recommended for updated dynamic tracks. Unity Web Player does not currently support Linux, so a Linux build is provided on the website for download.

Credits for the project may be downloaded



Villains Logo

V.I.L.L.A.I.N.S was my first independently produced game. Players control aspiring super villains fighting in arena combat to become the next great comic book villain. Gameplay is fast and furious, as players spawn and arm themselves with eccentric weapons straight from a madman’s laboratory before joining the free for all melee.

  • GENRE: Multiplayer Top Down Shooter
  • PLATFORM: Windows
  • PROJECT START: July 2012
  • ROLE: Producer/Designer/Artist

Download WindowsDownload Mac