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San Francisco Trip

I visited SF for a week in late July.  The future seems to arrive a little faster there.


-Checking out leading edge music visualization projects by Mary Franck, Jono Brandel, and more, from live presentations by their creators @ Intersection.

-Pizza, presentations, and beer with a few dozen bitcoiners at a co-working space dominated by Bitcoin startups, 20Mission.

-Attending a massive Bitcoin meetup with ~200+ people @ Geekdom.

-Meeting so many people who had invested the best parts of their lives to try something new and change the world in a meaningful way.


-Truly exorbitant prices for everything.

-Meeting clearly doomed startup founders.

Favorite Pictures:

Palo Alto Station Margaret S Hayward Park Haight Ashbury Street Art


Austin Trip

In early July I took a trip to Austin. I found the city to be creative, progressive, and innovative.


-Attending an IGDA Austin meeting, meeting seasoned game industry pros, and getting their feedback on my latest game.

-Connecting with the passionate and knowledgeable Austin Bitcoin community.

-Trading tales of ventures gone awry over pizza and beer on “The Drag” with a veteran entrepreneur who has lived in 10+ cities in <10 years.

-Discussing future ventures with a possible cofounder @ Austin’s startup nexus, the Capital Factory.


-Austin is occasionally still in Texas.

-Feeling like I need to take a shower again after spending 10 minutes outside.

Favorite Pictures:

Kung Fu Grip Karmic Detour Urban Cannon

Seattle Trip

I visited Seattle for a little less than a week in June. What a creative, modern, and vibrant city!


-Spending 6+ hours sharing my latest game, playing games in development, and swapping war stories with a dozen fellow independent game developers @  Roy St. Coffee. 

-Exploring the Fremont and Wallingford neighborhoods.

-Meeting legendary entrepreneur Richard Tait at a startup mixer, hearing firsthand how he started the board game company behind Cranium with no prior game development experience.

-Eating ridiculously good grapefruit tofu @ the stylish Plum Bistro.

-Playing innovative indie games early in development, meeting the creators behind them, and receiving feedback on my latest game @ The Raygun Lounge.

-Exploring the offices of Double Down Interactive and learning how a small company starts from nothing and gets acquired for $335,000,000+ in just over two years.


-Friendly, but relentless homeless guys trying to convert me to Islam.

-A homeless guy who ran around my bus stop shirtless for 10 minutes shouting “world peace, baby!”, “transcend nationalism”,etc.

-Just all the homeless people honestly.

Favorite Photos:

Fun Shop Fire Station 21 Warn Your Kids Creative Pig