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  • Dino Rampage (Global Game Jam 2015)

    divider Posted 1-26-15

    I attended Global Game Jam 2015 at the UT Austin. Austin has a thriving game development community, and I estimate at least 60-70 people turned up for the weekend. Corporate sponsors made it rain free Red Bull and pizza at various times, providing welcome refreshment/energy. I had the pleasure of working with Tom Long, Stuart […]

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  • End Run Version 2

    divider Posted 12-20-14

    I decided to pivot the End Run project in a new direction. The new goal of the game is to put players in an environment where every major instrument in the song has a visual that appears when it plays. The drums, for example, have fireworks appear if the player moves on a beat when there are drums. The prototype level is complete and ready to play!

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  • End Run

    divider Posted 11-29-14

    End Run is a rhythm/arcade prototype I created during May 2014 and refined in between my summer travels. Players move once per beat toward the end of the level while dodging obstacles.  After getting settled into Austin, I chose to pivot the game in a direction that would allow players to visualize and interact with the music on a deeper level.

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Steven Uray – Software Developer

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I’m a software developer living in Austin, Texas. In addition to software development, I’m interested in data visualization, user experience, and blockchain economies. When I’m not at my computer, I can be found skydiving, meditating, or playing tennis.

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